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What is SideDrawer?

It's a life planning and organization tool designed to help you organize all your important documents and information in a virtual filing cabinet. SideDrawer allows you (and your loved ones and advisors that you authorize) to have access anywhere, anytime and on any device.

What can I put in my SideDrawer?

Anything you want! Your SideDrawer is your virtual filing cabinet's drawer. Once you go in, you'll see the Tiles (or categories) for items such as vehicle information, your home, investments, your will, identity documents and legal documents to name a few. You will also find sections for everyday things such as, service accounts (streaming and other subscriptions, cable, internet etc.), hobbies, wish lists, collectibles and much more!

But I already have Dropbox/Google Drive/OneDrive, why do I need SideDrawer?

Great question! Those are all great tools, we use them too for everyday work-related files. When it comes to organizing your most important life files, SideDrawer is specifically designed to better organize, share and retrieve your critical and key life files, so you always know where everything is.
Permissions are always more complicated to manage and many times you will be sharing files without really wanting to. SideDrawer encrypts everything so nobody but YOU (and whoever you grant permission to) has access to the items you've saved. With our guided organization, we've made it very simple to capture and organize your files (and by extension, your life!)

How is SideDrawer different from other estate or end-of-life planning software providers?

SideDrawer's objective is to improve the important document organization process for individuals and families. Having an easy to update, camera-based, and fast entry mobile-based solution makes it easy for everyone to be organized.
Life is a journey and you don't want to leave to the last minute keeping everything organized. We've learned -through years of experience- that the more organized you are, the better you'll be able to "grow" personally and financially.
This applies to everything in your life; your relations, your financial health, etc. We make better decisions when we have better information. Having all the information in one place will help you throughout your life, just as it has helped other SideDrawer users.
That is SideDrawer's greatest benefit. We will help you organize your life's important documents and information on an ongoing basis.

What if my Will is dated and my SideDrawer Account has new or updated assets?

Your Will is your legal document that determines HOW your estate has to be distributed. Your SideDrawer helps your family and trusted advisors know what they have to distribute, in addition to knowing what items they need to address and the contact person for your will.
It's a best practice to update your will periodically with your legal advisor. If you update your will, you can put the new will in your SideDrawer and delete the old one, or keep it for record keeping purposes.

Who needs a SideDrawer?

Basically, anyone that wants to start off on the right foot with getting ALL their important files consolidated, organized and safely secured. If you have documents from a student loan documents or a driver's license all the way to investments, insurance, property or a will, you NEED to solve your life planning and organization too.
If you have a family, it's a great idea to create your kids' SideDrawer. No need to create an Account for them just yet, only a separate SideDrawer (you can even use a Starter version) and once they reach the age of majority, simply transfer the ownership of that SideDrawer to their Account. That way you can start saving the information that is relevant to them without over-populating yours.

I don't live in the USA or Canada, can I still have a SideDrawer Account?

YES, while we are based in North America, we recognize that ensuring your family's documents are organized is a global need, hence we have built our platform to be available globally. We will be expanding to other countries soon. If you don't see SideDrawer in your country, please let us know. We want to make sure that we follow the regulations in every country and keep your documents and information safe at all times. We are able to offer SideDrawer in other languages, so don't be shy and let us know (email us at [email protected]).

How much does it cost?

You can start using it for free by clicking here!
As time goes by, if you think that it's helping you and you see your needs growing, you can always upgrade your Account and get more benefits. In time, once you get a Premium Account you will be able to manage other people's SideDrawers (perhaps your parents' Account?) or get notifications if any of your collaborators are working on your files. You can visit our plan comparison guidelines here.

How do I sign up?

SIMPLE, click here and follow the steps.
If you are visiting from a mobile device, you may want to download our app and sign up there, it's really easy.

I forgot my password, how can I retrieve it?

On the Log In page, you can click the "Don't remember your password?" link and you will receive a instructions via email to reset your password. You can also click here and go straight to the Log In page to proceed with the reset of your password.

I got a new credit card, how do I change my payment method?

No problem! Once logged into the App or the Website, go to your "Account Settings", click on "Payment Information" and update your credit card following the steps.

My collaborator can't access my documents!

First, your collaborator MUST have a SideDrawer Account. It can be a free Account, although they will ONLY be able to view the documents with the free Account. Secondly, ensure you have given him/her proper permissions to view the files - remember you own the documents, so you control who sees what and when!

How do I access my SideDrawer Account?

Simply login here to get access to your Account on the web (or click the Log In button on the top right corner of this page!) You can also download our mobile app available for Android and iOS!

My dad has so many documents, he won't do it himself. Can I create an Account on his behalf?

Great question! Using your Premium Account you can create a SideDrawer for your dad, make him the owner of the SideDrawer and, with his permission, retain access with your own Account.
Please keep in mind that your dad will have the ability to remove your permissions to his SideDrawer if he wants to.
You can decide if you want to pay for your dad's SideDrawer or simply ask him to pay for it himself.
Now you can fully manage his documents!

Can other people edit my documents?

Only if you want them to! Trusted advisors, loved ones and anyone else that you give editing permission will be able to read, edit, add or remove records, documents and files. There will always be an audit trail that tells you who did what on each the document and when.
Keep in mind that only those that own a SideDrawer Premium Account will have the ability to collaborate with you.
Let's say it is tax season and your accountant needs a specific form. You can have that made available in your SideDrawer and make your accountant a collaborator on that individual record. When your accountant accesses the file, you will see it in your Notification inbox. Now you know that your accountant has the information to complete your taxes on time.

If a collaborator can view my file, can they also save it locally?

We have built SideDrawer to be as secure as possible, but we can't ensure that once a collaborator sees a file on their phone they won't make "copies" of it by, for example, taking screen shots.
That's why we strongly recommend that you share your SideDrawer and the records in it ONLY with individuals (trusted advisors and/or loved ones) that you know will handle your important documents responsibly.

Does SideDrawer have access to my photos and documents that I store in the app?

Our operating teams don't have a way to access your files. The information is protected and encrypted in a way that only you and those you authorize can see your files. Please see our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for more details on this topic.

Why do you need my phone number?

We don't need it, really. However, we do recommend you entering your cellphone so you can use it for Multi-Factor Authentication ("MFA"). These days, most apps that hold your important information (for example your banking app) will offer you ways to safeguard your account by verifying you are the one logging in.
At SideDrawer, we offer advanced security features such as Biometric access (Touch ID, Face ID, etc.), MFA via Push Notification (for those that have enabled Push Notifications), Email (which is the default when you create your account) or SMS (in which case we’ll need your cellphone to send you an access code).
Additional ways to do MFA will be implemented shortly. In the meantime, if you prefer not to enter your cellphone, you can still benefit from MFA using your Email.

What happens if someone edits a document, but I did not approve the change?

Thanks to our audit trail capabilities, you can see what was changed and you can contact us to restore a previous version. We keep Record history for up to 6 months.
Over the next few months we'll make this automatic, so you will be able to perform the restore on your own.
In any case, you should regularly review who you have granted access to, and what they are able to do in your SideDrawer.

Who has access to my sensitive documents?

YOU own your SideDrawer and anything stored within it. Therefore, only people you authorize to collaborate with your SideDrawer and specific records will have access to your important information.
You can have Collaborators with the ability to change your records (Edit), others that can only read the information but not change it (View), and others that have "No Access" which allows them to know that the information exists and has been stored but they don't get to see inside.
You have the ability to revoke or change any of those permissions at any time.

What happens to the documents if the owner passes away?

If the owner has provided access to anyone else, such as a family member, trusted advisor, executor or other legal representative, that person will have access to whatever the owner permitted, from specific documents to the entire SideDrawer.
If the SideDrawer owner did not allow anyone to see the contents of the SideDrawer, an empowered agent of the owner will need to reach out to our Support Team, inform us of the situation and proceed with the necessary steps to transfer the Account to the legal representative of the owner. In this case, the process will vary from country to country and it will follow the corresponding laws of the jurisdiction in question.

What happens if I decide to delete my Account?

We will be sad to see you go. But we are bound by our commitment to the highest standard in privacy protection, and therefore we will comply, and wipe clean your Account and all your data.
There is a process that needs to be followed. If this is the case, please contact us at [email protected] and we'll help you out.

How secure are my documents?

We are security FREAKS! We know how important it is with the ever-changing technology landscape and increased vulnerabilities. We use top services that are at the forefront of the IT security landscape and we ensure that you benefit from these comprehensive levels of security.
The documents are encrypted in transit from your app or computer to our servers, where they are stored, and encrypted again while at rest.

I have a small practice, but I want to refer them to SideDrawer. What's the best way?

Well thanks for spreading the good word! In your app, go to "Settings", "Tell a Friend" and you can share a download link with your clients.
You can always send us an email to [email protected] with your client's name and email address and we can help you with the invite on your behalf.
Feel free to contact us at [email protected] to discuss many other ways for us to work together.

If I want my clients to get a discounted rate, is that possible?

There are many ways to benefit your clients with SideDrawer. Some Professionals decide to sponsor some of their clients. For this case we have built in volume discounts that are even more affordable, with the value you provide to your clients being well worth it.
If you are looking at a specific case, you can always reach out and share with us what you have in mind. Please email us at [email protected] and we'll be more than happy to explore options to work together.